President’s Column - November 2017 - by Mike Hodson

Mike Hodson

Changes coming to Der Auspuff

  We humans, as well as most creatures, are quite resistant to change. For me, as the card-carrying OCD poster child, any suggestion of the dreaded " C " word brings on the beginnings of a panic attack. Routine, structure, continuity and security are all potentially thrown out the window. Why can't the world stop right now so that I won't have to think or react or adapt? Most times, the reality of change is much different.

   As we have witnessed over the years with Porsche cars, change has been inevitable due to changing regulations throughout the world. Contrary to expectations, the world did not end with the dawn of radiator-equipped 911's. While some may still carry the banner of purism, it is difficult to argue the fact that today's 911's are orders of magnitude superior to those of yesteryear.

    For us in PCA Santa Barbara Region, our beloved Der Auspuff monthly magazine has been an anchor in a sea of change. Over the years, Der Auspuff has evolved from a simple mimeographed flyer into the beautiful, 32-page, full-color, award-winning publication created and edited by John Alfenito for the last nine years (!)

   Earlier this year, John announced that he would be retiring as Editor at the end of calendar year 2017. Once again, the world was in danger of ending. However, cooler heads prevailed, and an alternate plan was discussed, debated and finally decided by the PCA Santa Barbara Board of Directors.

   The crux of the discussion centered around the fact that printed publications everywhere on the planet are following the path of the dodo bird to extinction and are being replaced by electronic communications. Der Auspuff simply could not continue indefinitely as a printed publication due to the substantial costs involved for printing and distribution. The question quickly became not if Der Auspuff was to be discontinued in printed form but, rather, when?

   All of us on the Board were very hesitant to go from 12 printed and distributed issues per year to zero. Such a strategy was unacceptable to us, and we felt that it would be unacceptable to our members, advertisers and sponsors. Therefore, we chose the path of compromise.

   Beginning in 2018, Der Auspuff will be printed and distributed on a quarterly basis. All members will receive regular communications via email that will supplement the printed magazine. The electronic communication will feature timely news and events, plus provide information on upcoming activities. The printed magazine will still feature and highlight our events with the excellent copy and photography that we have come to enjoy.